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erican women (www.ohchr.o▓rg, December 11, 2015).Women were suffering workp▓lace discrimination. A report released by the U.S. Census Bureau in September 2015 reveal▓ed that women in the U.S. were paid 79▓ cents for every dollar paid to men in 2014, amounting to a ▓yearly wage gap of 10,762 U.S

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2014 that out of the 185 countries ▓and territories with available da

ta, the United States wa▓s the only industrialized nation with no overall law for▓ cash benefits provided to women du▓ring maternity leave (abcnews.go.com, ▓May 6, 2015). A report at the website of the Los Angeles▓ Times on May 6, 2015 said that white men had a 42 percent advantage over white women when it came to being promoted to the executive level in U.S. tech companies, but that paled in comparison to the 260 percent advantage they had ▓to Asian women (www.latimes.com, May 6, 2015).Women fell victi

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m to various forms of sex harassments and▓ sex assaults. A survey released by the Association of American Uni

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versities in September 2015 indicated that 23 percent of undergraduate women said they were victims of non-c

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onsensual sexual contact and that 20 percent of students said sexual assault an▓d misconduct was very or extremely problematic on ▓their own campus (www.latimes.com, September 21, 2015; www.washingtonpost.com, September 1/September 21, 2015). According to a report at the USA▓ Today website on

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August 17, 2015, a total of 37 percent of women said they had experienced some kind of online h▓arassment. A total of 54 percent of Hispanics and 51 percent of African Americans said they had experienced online harassment.▓ Also, women were more likely to be target▓s of serious cases in which they were stalked 

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and sexually harassed (www.usatoday.com, August 17, 201▓5). Another article at the USA Today website▓ on December 11, 2015 reported that Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City police officer, was convicted of sexually assaulting women he preyed upon in a low-income neighborhood he patrolled. H▓e was convicted of 18 counts connected to eight women, all of whom were black (www.us▓atoday.com, December 11, 2015).Chil

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dren were under t▓he threats of guns. According to statistics from the Gun Violence Archive website, as of December 28, 2015, gun-related incid▓ents that year left 682 children under the age of 11 and 2,640 children aged between 12 and 17

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evention reported that the rate of newborns with syphilis jumped 38 percent

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be▓tween 2012 and 2014 to its highest level in more than a decade (www.wash

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ingtonpost.com, November 12, 2015). A survey said that one in five drug abus

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ers in some treatment programs in the United States received their first t

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aste of these illegal substances from their parents, usually before the age

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of 18 ▓(abcnews.go.com, August 24, 2015). According to U.S. Census Bureau,

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▓children under the age of 18 were being raised without a ▓father and 45 percent lived below the poverty lin▓e (singlemotherguide.com, June 1, 2015). A▓bout 6 percent of New York City's A▓frican-American population under 18 years old and nearly 3 percent Latino children u

14.5 percent, wi

tilized New York C

ity shelters becaus▓e of homelessness (www.coalitionforthehomeless.org, March 19, 2015). The USA Today webs▓ite reported on August 15, 2015 that 47 percent of rural Hispanic babies were born poor, compared to 41 percent of Hispanic babies in urban areas. Hispanics babies bo

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rn in ▓rural encl

aves were more likely to be i▓mpoverished and it was harder for them to receive help from▓ federal and state programs, such as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. "These babies are starting behind the starting line." (www.usatoday.com

of poverty th

, August 15, 2015)

Children were suff▓ering abuse. A report at the website of The Washington Post▓ on January 1, 2015 said that among the young ▓children killed in the D.C. region, the majority was killed by a parent or guardian (www.washingtonpos▓t.com, January 1, 2015). The Miami Herald websi

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online showing violence by a white police officer of the Police Department in McKinney, Texas, against a 14-year-old African-American gir▓l. The officer, called to a community swimming pool party after complaints, cursed at several ▓black teenagers and yanked the girl wearing only a bikini ▓to the ground. He also pointed his gun a▓t the teenagers. The white witness who shot the video said there


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e he▓alth services. Women faced fatal c

s a▓ factor in how police responded. This in▓cident triggered some public protests▓ (edition.cnn.com, June 10,

2015). On

October 26, 20

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15, a video that showed Ben Fields, a white school resource officer at Spring Valley High School in Sou▓th Caro


stic violence. The s

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manhandling an African-American school girl drew intense criticism. The officer g▓rabbed the girl, who used her cell phone

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